Akai MPC-2500 Drum Machine

Akai MPC-2500 Drum Machine
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MPC2500 has set the industry benchmark for beat production. It features a 32-voice drum/phrase sampler with up to 128MB RAM and extensive editing capabilities. Designed for professional music-production environments as well as DJs and other live performers, MPC2500 features a time-tested drum-pad surface, twin on-board effects processors, four Q-Link controllers for real-time control, 10 analog outputs, and a SPDIF digital output.

MPC2500 sports a 100,000-note, 64-track sequencer that can be assigned to four different MIDI outputs for a total of 64 independently addressable MIDI channels. Internal sounds reside in flash memory and can easily be swapped out via Compact Flash cards, an optional hard drive, or an optional CD-ROM drive. A CF card with preloaded sounds is included to get you started.


  • 32-voice drum/phrase sampler with 16MB memory built in, expandable up to 128MB RAM
  • Two on-board effects processors and a main output-effects processorTwo assignable Q-link sliders and two Q-link knobs for real-time performance control
  • 240 x 64 hinged, back-lit LCD
  • USB port for computer connectivity
  • Built-in analog and digital I/O, headphone output, and two MIDI ins / four MIDI outs
  • Chop-shop slices a loop into individual samples with automatic pad assignment
  • Patched phrase synchronizes phrase samples to any tempo without changing pitch
  • Continuous sample track records long audio tracks into a sequence
  • Outputs can be re-sampled
  • Audio input can be controlled with Q-links for real-time control
  • Ten analog outputs, stereo digital I/O

Optional accessories include:
128MB Ram Expansion (EXM128)
CD ROM Installation Kit (including CD ROM Drive) (CD-M25)

Your MPC-2500 comes with an HDM-10 KIT. You must still purchase an internal hard drive. We do not sell tehm at our store.
The basic requirements are 44-pin eide socket, 2.5" drive. These brands & models have been successfully installed according to MPC forum.


  • MHN2200AT 20GB
  • MHM2200AT 20GB
  • MHV2080 80GB


  • MP0804H 80GB
  • HM 100JC 100GB


  • ST960812a-rk 60GB
  • st9100823a-rk 100GB
  • ST92011A 20GB


  • MK4026GAX 40GB
  • MK1032GAX 100GB
  • MK8032GAX 80GB
  • MK8032GAS 80GB
  • MK8025GAS 80GB
  • Mk1031GAS 100GB


  • Travelstar HTS541080G9AT00 80GB
  • hts424020m9t00 20 gb

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